EST. 1946

Product Lines

We proudly represent the most reputable product lines in the HVAC industry, including:

A-J Manufacturing 
  • Architectural Grilles
  • HVAC Diffusers Registers


  • Security Grilles & Barriers
  • Grilles Registers & Diffusers
  • Terminal Units

Kees, Inc.

  • Architectural Stamped & Lattice Grille
  • Architectural Bar Grilles & Grates
  • Heavy Duty (Gym Type) Wall & Floor Grilles
  • Mushroom Ventilator (MV)
  • Round Stamped Grilles


  • Insertion Flow Meters
  • Electromagnet Meters
  • Vortex Mass Meters
  • Thermal Mass Meters
  • BTU Meters
To view the 2012 Onicon Product Manual, click here.

Raymon logo

Raymon Donco Air Products

  • Slot and Boot diffusers
  • Clean Room Diffusers
  • Laminar & Radial flow Diffusers
  • Insulated Plenums


  • Thermally Insulated, Low Leakage Dampers
  • Thermally Insulated, Low Leakage Louvers

Tuttle & Bailey

  • Diffusers, Registers & Grilles
  • Terminal Units (VAV, Fan Powered)
  • Linear Slot Diffusers
  • Critical Environment 
  • Security Grilles
  • Plenum Slots

Zip Group, LLC

  • Zipset Systemô, combining software and hardware to bring a unique solution to adjusting air balancing dampers that are isolated in inaccessible ductwork.
  • Wireless remote control of the damper actuator, allowing a single balancing technician to make quick and accurate air flow adjustments