EST. 1946

Our Story

In 1946, a 30-year-old entrepreneur set out on his own to change the HVAC industry. Raised in Brooklyn by his German immigrant parents, Jack Leonhardt moved to Boston to represent a select group of HVAC product lines. His quick wit, innovative thinking and obsession with quality helped him forge industry relationships that continue today, nearly three generations later. 

While Jack grew his small business, Boston prepared to unveil its' second tallest skyscraper, the John Hancock building. Jack competed for the bid alongside competitors three times his size. That year, he was awarded the contract and furnished Boston's most iconic building with diffusers, registers, and grilles.

In 1952, Jack's brother Frank joined him in Boston to help establish one of the first testing and balancing services in the industry. Together, these brothers built The Leonhardt Company, Inc., and nearly three generations later, our family business continues to serve as the leader in testing, adjusting, and balancing HVAC systems.

Jack and Frank Leonhardt, 1957
Jack and Frank Leonhardt, 1957